5 Simple Eco Friendly Choices

Here are some ideas for how you can make some simple changes to better your environmental impact.

  • Switch to reusable bottles and cups

Did you know that approximately 13 billion plastic bottles are thrown away each year in the UK? And even more shockingly only 50% of these end up being recycled. 1 water bottle can take up to 400 years to biodegrade and 1 coffee cup takes around 20 years to decompose. So next time you're out and about remember to take your reusable items with you!!

2. Reduce, reuse and recycle your own clothes

Fast fashion has a major impact on the environment and also on workers. A lot of factories are set up in developing countries where the majority of workers are made to work in horrific conditions for little pay and few rights. In addition, fast fashion is a massive contributor to carbon dioxide emissions and water waste. Think quality not quantity when you next buy. Look at sites like depop or vintage shops and research the brands before you buy. I have dedicated another post to discuss the fast fashion industry, so for more information on this topic check my other blog.

3. Try these sustainable swaps

Instead of spending money and continuously buying new products did you know you can easily have a go at making the following?

- Dry shampoo

- Bathroom cleaner

- Non-dairy milk (I often make oat milk)

A massive advantage to this is that whilst saving money you also reduce your waste. Also by making these yourself you know exactly what is going into your own products, avoiding many harsh chemicals. You can find out how to make all these products also on my website. All of my sustainable swaps are zero waste!

4. Ditch your shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles

Instead you can find all of the above in bars which saves on many plastic bottles. There are shampoo and conditioner bars which equate to 5 bottles of their liquid versions! And what's great about these is that they save you money whilst also being 100% plastic free.

5. Avoid cotton pads

Cotton is one of the most pesticide ridden crops, these pesticides end up polluting our water supply and wildlife. Due to the bleaching and mixing process cotton pads are not biodegradable. And it goes without saying that this is clearly not the best for your skin. There are many options out there to remove make up in a more sustainable way:

- Muslin cloths + your fav cleanser or oil

- Reusable cotton cleansing pads

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