Zero Waste Swap - Dry Shampoo

The amount of dry shampoo bottles I used to go through was insane. Which is not great when you’re trying to be mindful about your waste!!

In addition to being bad for the environment, store bought dry shampoo can be pricey and contain things like “isobutane, butane and propane” issa pain 😜 Buuut this recipe only contains 3 simple ingredients which I’m sure many of you will already have lying around.


- 1 tbsp cornstarch

- 1 tbsp baking powder

- 1 tbsp cocoa powder (avoid if lighter haired)

Personally love this because it does the trick and leaves my hair smelling like chocolate and soaks (what’s not to love about that 🤤) Note the cocoa powder can be swapped for cinnamon if you prefer. And for extra volume you can add coconut charcoal!

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